Online Security

We understand that online safety is the key to experience a complete satisfactory service with Tradeget. Please follow the simple tips to keep your account secure:

Protect your Tradeget Account

Create a good, secure password to keep your account secure. Your password is the key to your Tradeget account. Please remember, a Tradeget employee never asks you for your password. Use the following tips to make it difficult for others to guess your password.

Do's and Don't


  • Use a combination of at least 6 to 8 letters, numbers, and special characters.
  • Use multiple words without spaces.


  • Do not use single words that can be found in any dictionary.
  • Do not use your name, your spouse's name, your pet's name, birthday, favourite food, or any personal information that others can
  • easily obtain.
  • Do not use words or phrases that relate to Tradeget or your favourite hobby.
  • Do not use a password that contains part of your User ID or email address.
  • Do not share your password.