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Formic Acid (85%)

  [Sell] CAS: 64-18-6 HS Code: 2915 Formic acid: Methanoic acid Molecular formula: CH2O2 Molecular weight: 46.03 Properties: At normal temperature, it is a clear, colorless liquid with characteristic, pungent odor. Its density is 1.2201(20/4 degree), melting point is 8.6 degree, boiling point is 100.8degree, flash point in open cup is 68.9 degree and auto-ignition temperature is 601.1degree. It can be mutually dissolved with water, ethanol and glycerol. It is corrodible and reducible. Usage: Formic acid is a kind of basic material in organic chemicals. It is widely used in pesticides industry, leather industry, medicine industry, rubber industry, printing and dyeing industry and chemical industry.
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