Formic Acid
Formic Acid 85%

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Formic Acid

  [Sell] Model: JP-01 Name: Twlst Car Serles The twist car is fun and healthy gift for chilchen. It is tally with Euramerican insurance standcnd of toys operate easy .No need battery .The power is derived from oneself .New design beatiful color, safe convenience easy studying and fun. When control steering wheel and twist it can remove. It is propitous to exercise haunch. Muscle of legs. And equilibrium. It is healthy moducts. Formic Acid: Popular name: Methanoic Acid Structure:HCOOH, CAS No: 64-18-6 UN No: 1779 Specification: (Quality standard GB/T 2093) Molecular weight: 46.03. The relative density:25 ° C / 4 ° C) 1. 21405 Freezing point:8.3 ° C Boiling point: 100.5 ° C, Flash point (opening) :8.9 ° C, Lighted:601.1 ° C, 1.3140 Refractive index, viscosity :(25 ° C ) 1.966mPa s, Solubility parameter: d = 13.5. Colorless transparent oily liquid smoke, with the irritating odor., With water, ethanol, ethyl ether, glycerol arbitrary mixed. In acetone soluble and insoluble benzene, toluene. Case open flame or hot will cause a fire. Steam and air to form explosive mixtures explosion limit of 18% -57% (vol). Toxic, the fatty acid is dissolved, absorbed through the skin, mucous membrane of the skin irritation draft than-acetate. Steam strong right eye irritation, absorbing vapor can cause sore throat, cough and chest carbuncle so. The mucosa of corrosive acid similar clues. Air maximum allowable concentration of 0.0005%. cool storage, ventilation and drying of the Treasury, away from fire and heat sources to prevent direct sunlight. application is an important basic organic chemicals, which are widely used pesticide, leather, rubber, dyes, pharmaceuticals and other industries. Pesticide Industry for the production of high efficiency and low toxicity pesticides such as insecticidal squint. Leather industry for removing ash, Abbie surface, a flat, smooth. Rubber industry as natural rubber cohesion agent. Preparation for industrial dye staining complementary color agent, Mordant and dyeing wool fabric used for the reducing agent such. For solvent, solvent-based preparation of nylon adhesive, but also can be used as a pH regulator and preservatives.
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