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Pesticide/Acaricide 25% 50% Fenbutatin Oxide WP

  [Sell] Pesticide/acaricide: 25%,50% Fenbutatin Oxide WP: Low poison ,no danger of causing deformity,cancer or sudden change.The tests of acute white rat per os and acute through skin LD50 are 681 mg/kg and 10000mg/kg respectively,safe to bees and lady bugs. It is effective to the mites that have adapted themselves to the organice phosphhorus and organic chlorine pesticides 2 months,long residul effect period,being the temperature sensing mites killer ,it has improved pesticide effect at the temperature exceeding 22 degree,and low activety under 22degree Use:contral of all motile stage of mites on crops:apples,oranges,pears,maybushes,tea trees,flowers,cottons,etc.. Quality Index: 50% 25% Fenbutatin Oxide WP: Content of Fenbutatin Oxide: 50% MIN ,25% MIN Suspension rate :70% MIN, 70%MIN Wetting period:90s MAX, 90s MAX Voulme of water: 2.0% MAX,2.0%MAX Partical size (through 45µm sieve):95% MIN.95%MIN PH Value:7.0-9.0 7.0-9.0
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