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Vedic & Scientific Astrology

  [Sell] The ancient and noble art of Vedic Astrology has its roots in India from time immemorial. Going by the Hindu Mythology, it is purported to have been descended on earth by no less than the Supreme Power, Thy Almighty. Lord Shiva purportedly enlightened the sages and the Siddha Purushas about the various nuances of Vedic Astrology, who, in turn, carried it to the mankind in the forms of preachings/ and writings on palm leaves. As years went by, these ancient writings were translated by erudites into various languages and now come to stay with us. However, what we have today is only a meager portion of the writings of the sages. Vedic Astrology deals elaborately and enchantingly with the Nine Planets and the 12 months of a year. This as the central axis, it has shown the way as how to cast/construct a horoscope of a person. Here it emphasizes the importance of the date, time and place of birth as being the prime tools for casting the horoscope. Thus a horoscope of a person is the compact record/disc from which everything about the Native could be ascertained right from birth viz., life-span, nature and personal traits, overall financial position throughout life, the type of education domestic and overseas, job or business or both and both he/she is destined to carry on(in the motherland and/or abroad) including the changes in job/business, when marriage will take place, what will be the nature and personal traits of the spouse, the character, financial status, employed or not, belongs to rich, middle class or poor family, and for married couple, whether they will be blessed with progeny, if so, the appropriate time, number of children, their gender, Native’shealth condition, doshams (curses) incurred from previous births and remedies thereof. As times have changed, so also the perspectives of people. For example, in those years, foreign travel was not considered propitious and hence it was not popular. More so, people would never think of going for job and staying abroad. However, there was mention about the planetary positions that prompt foreign travel in the ancient writings of Vedic Astrology. How foresighted our predecessors many centuries ago itself that it will be useful in our times now ! Rightly, the YOGA RATHNA Astrologers follow those rules for foreign travel, but it has become scientific also in that they have become innovative in their own research, experience, wisdom and knowledge to pinpoint the occurrences of not only foreign travel but also all other events in terms of “sets of date” (time-bound), which is the speciality of YOGA RATHNA.
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