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Textile/Home Textile Laser Cutting Machine

  [Sell] CJG-160300LD Textile/Home Textile Laser Cutting Machine,Textile/Home Textile Laser Cutting System Product Feature 1.It adopts stable machine body and pedrail working table 2.Suitable for precise cutting on various textile 3.If working in with feeding system,it can meet the requirement for continuous and automatic batch cutting’ 4.The top exhaust and bottom absorb suction system make the processing no pollution and high quality Application Field Laser cutting machine which cutting variety of textile and industrial flexible material.fabric,table cloth,sheet,curtain,bag,carpet,pad,cushion,mat, sponge,filter material,filter bag,bed sheet,bedspread,sheet cover,valance,rug,pillow,pillowslip,backrest cushion,etc Technical Parameter Laser type CO2 hermetic and detached laser tube Laser power 80W Cutting area 1600mm×3000mm Working table Pedrail working table No-load max speed 0-30000mm/min Repeating location ±0.1mm Moving system offline servo system,5 inch LCD screen dispaly Cooling system constant temperature water chiller Power supply AC220V±5% / 50HZ Format support AI?PLT?DXF?DST etc Standard collocation one 550W top exhaust fan,two 1100W down exhaust fans,min air compressor Select collocation CO2RF metal laser tube(100W/150W),CO2 hermetic and detached laser tube(100W),auto feeding equipment GoldenLaser Cutting Solution Advantages: 1. Super-length typest and auto-feeder cutting equipped with auto-feeder to continuous feeding and cutting the material which is exceeded working table size,mostly prevent fabrics waste and save the labor 2.2D+Z auto-focus for thickness and thin material with intelligent precision cutting 3. Cooperated with mutil-layer auto-feeder,it can realize continuously mutil-layer material cutting 4. It can startup with 6 laser heads at the same time,cutting different designs after typest simultaneously,enhance the production effciency,make the accurate cutting and production efficiency increasing to be combinated perfectly. 5.Aptitude CCD Camera positioned and seek the labels edge,feeding the material continuously to realize the line cutting and grid cutting 6.Large area brim cutting and small area punching combined with high speed,double enhancetheproduction efficiency,decrease the equipment damage,finished samples are perfect 7. Laser cutting and laser marking synchronous,laser cutting and marking mechanical synchronous
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