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Nano Clear

  [Sell] We have specialisation in manufacturing of world class Nano Clear, Water (Rain) & Dust Repellent, Anti-Glare, Visibility enhancing treatment kits for application on Automobile Windshields. It significantly improves visibility in adverse driving conditions like heavy rains. Our manufactured Nano Clear Windshield-Glass Water Repellent also allows better visibility at night by reducing glare from headlamps of oncoming vehicles. Nano Clear treatment makes the glass water repellent and water does not spread on Nano Clear treated glass but forms beads and rolls down thereby allowing for improved visibility even during heavy rains. Advantages of Nano Clear Treatment :
  • Striking improvement in visibility during wet, rainy conditions
  • Reduced glare from headlamps of oncoming vehicles.
  • Better visibility during driving at night
  • Makes the glass non-stick
  • Easy to clean
  • UV, abrasion resistant and durable treatment
  • Lasts up to two years
Application Instructions : Preparing The Glass Surface : Clean the glass with soap water and rinse thoroughly with water. Apply the provided activator powder by sprinkling uniformly over the wet glass surface. Rub the surface thoroughly with cloth and this will remove all the oily matter on the glass and will also remove fine scratches on the glass. Wash with clean water and dry the glass with cloth and ensure that the glass is clean and dry before coating. Preparation of Coating Solution : Pour contents of Part-A (25ml. in small bottle), into Part-B (25ml. in big bottle), total quantity 50ml, close cap and shake vigorously for 2 minutes. The mixed solution should be used within 24 hours. If 50ml solution is not needed, then mix equal quantities of Part-A and Part-B in a clean bottle. Once mixed the solution should be used within 24 hours. Application of Coating Solution : The coating solution is applied by means of the cloth provided or any soft, lint free cloth. The cloth is saturated with the coating solution and wiped on the clean and dry glass, covering small areas at a time. This is continued till the whole glass surface is coated. The solvent will evaporate and leave a hazy surface on the glass. Ensure that the whole area is covered by the coating. Curing : The coated glass is then left to dry at room temperature for 4 to 5 hours. Polishing : After the curing period the glass is then polished with a soft, dry glass polishing cloth (Yellow cloth) in circular motion till the haze is completely removed and the glass becomes bright and clear. Testing For Water Repellency : The coated glass can be tested for water repellency by simply pouring water on the polished surface. If coating is done properly water will not spread on the surface but will form beads and roll down. Recoating : Improperly applied coating can be removed and recoated. First remove the existing coating by applying the activator powder on wet glass and rub thoroughly till the old coating is removed. Then follow steps 2 to 4 as before to renew the coating.
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