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Metallic Expansion Joints

  [Sell] Bellows Assemblies / Compensators Our metallic expansion joints are fully sealed units containing the heart of Expansion Joint. The convolutions/bellows assembled in several ways with varied types of end connections for different applications. We are renowned metallic expansion joints manufacturers and metallic expansion joints suppliers offering different types including Universal, Axial, Gimbal, Pressure balanced, Hinged, Externally pressurised, jacketed, etc. The type of expansion joint is chosen according to the specific requisites of clients applications. The designing and manufacturing of every single expansion joint is carried out with reference to EJMA (Expansion joints Manufacturer's Association of USA) and related ASME /ASTM standards. Features:
  • Individually designed in compliance to the particular needs of the customers.
  • Highly flexible, absorbs lateral, axial, and angular movements.
  • Low anchorage loading.
  • Generally chemical attack resistant.
  • Appropriate for media temperature from (-) 200ºC for cryogenic application and up to 1200ºC (with refractory lining).
  • Easy to install, transport, handle, and store.
  • Single ply/Multiply construction.
Construction Bellows are manufactured by roll forming process utilizing the most exacting process control particularly designed,and constructed them to be machines from tubes formed from selected cold rolled sheet, which is longitudinally butt welded using special welding techniques. Roll formed bellows have significant life advantage, due to the controlled work hardening during formation stages and allows no points of high stress concentration. Material Stainless steel - AISI304, 304L, 316, 316L, 321, Monel, Inconel, Phospher Bronze, Mild Steel, Brass, etc. Thickness of materials 0.2 mm minimum for single ply construction. No. of ply Single/Multi. Inside diameter 40 mm minimum to 3500 mm maximum. For square and rectangular bellows, there isnt any size limitation. Capacity for other sizes is under development. Pressure Range From full Vacuum to 200 Kg/Cm2g. Temperature Range From (-) 200ºC for cryogenic applications to (+) 1200ºC (with refractory lining) for high temperature °application.
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