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Water Softening Plant

  [Sell] We are water softening plant manufacturer and supply various types of water softening plants in West Bengal and other areas of India. With our water softening plant, hard water is passed through a bed of sodium cation exchange resin at a certain rate of flow for exchanging its ca+ and mg+ ions for the sodium (na) ions of the resin until na+ ions becomes exhausted. The sodium ions then resorted by regenerating the cation exchange resin with a solution of common salt (nacl) resulting in the reversal of ionic reactions viz, ca+ and mg+ ions taking the place of na+ ions and being washed out as chlorides, while na+ ions remain in the resin so that it is again ready to act as a softening agent. The base exchanges process of water softening is applicable only to clear water otherwise pre-treatment is essential. So far we have installed our water softening plants in Bihar and also have supplied a variety of water softening plant in Orissa. Also, we have received appreciation from our clients for the functioning of our installed water softening plants in Jharkhand and other supplied water softening plant Tripura. In addition, Stumm India’s manufactured and supplied water softening plant in Andhra Pradesh and different capacity water softening plant in Nagaland have also been doing extremely well. Pressure Filter A pressure filter consists of chemical doser, chlorine doser, filter bed, interconnecting pipe line, bed plate fitted with strainers for collecting the filter water. The fast stage of the pressure filter based on chemical dosing through doser. Then water is passed through a cylindrical tank, usally made of mild steel, wherein the underdrain gravel & sand are placed. It is a compact and pre-fabricated & movable to site. Pressure filter is an economical item & most effective advantage is by avoiding double pumping. The filter may be either vertical or horizontal. Lastly chloronition is a must to make the water bacteria free. It has the efficiency to remove turbidity. Iron Removal Filter: A pressure-cum-iron removal filter consists of chemical doser, air compressor, oxidation chamber, chlorine doser and a filter bed (as shown in the picture) and interconnecting pipeline, bed plate fitted with strainers for collecting the filtered water. The first stage of the iron removal treatment based on oxidation of the iron by oxygen from the air. Compressed air is injected into water. An oxidation chamber filled with contact material helps oxidation of iron for sedimentation on the filter bed, reverse water current is applied for cleaning the flocs deposited on the filter bed, alum & soda ash may be dosed considering the quality of raw water.
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