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Multifunctional Fuel Oil Additive

  [Sell] Multifunctional Fuel Oil Additive FOA-100 / Multifunctional Fuel Oil Additive FOA-100-D Combustion processes have moved the wheels of industry from early days of civilization. Today, locomotive power, electrical energy, boiler and furnace heating and certain lesser-known processes such as burning and oxidation in chemical processes call for combustion processes involving petroleum fuels in millions of tons per year. Efficiency in each of these processes has been studied widely and steps for energy savings and better maintenance (failure proofing) have been applied to the various industries by appropriate measures. In the partial oxidation processes of heavy fuels, the extent of sludge, vanadium, sodium and sulphur that are present in the raw fuel, contribute to inefficiencies in the combustion process by way of increased soot, as well as block and ring formation due to consideration of sticky and hard deposits at burner areas and more importantly in down comer pipes. Thus, frequent furnace maintenance and shut down requirements, as well as reduced operational loads due to ring formations become imperative. Special Features: “FOA – 100” is formulated with imidazoline dispersants, which are wholly combustible and contribute to the detergency. “FOA – 100” Combustion Catalysts are carefully selected to avoid nitrates, chlorides, sulphates, heavy metals and fluxing metals such as sodium/potassium etc. Detailed Description: The multifunctional aspects of FOA-100 are mentioned below: –
  • Dispersion and Detergency.
  • Combustion Catalysis.
  • Anti-Oxidation.
  • Corrosion Inhibition.
  • Recommended Dosage of FOA-100: The recommended dosage of FOA-100 is 500 ppm or 0.05% based on volume of fuel oil F.O, LSHS, L.D.O, HSD, NAPHTHA, etc. Benefits of using FOA-100: FOA-100, which is easy to dose, manually, better improvement can be obtain if dose through metering pump. It reduces sludge formation and prevents clogging of spray nozzles ensuring maintenance free operations. It is affordable to all types of industries. FOA-100‘s regular usage adds up to 3 to 5% cost savings. Multifunctional Fuel Oil Additive FOA-100-D The cracked components in diesel are the potential sources of carbon deposits on Fuel Injector Nozzles. The formation of carbon deposits on injection nozzle is called as injector nozzle fouling. Injector nozzle fouling in diesel engines is a major problem and future changes in the formulation of diesel fuel may cause unpredictable level of nozzle fouling. As a result of injector nozzle fouling, the atomization pattern of heavy/middle distillates always gets disturbed, which leads to incomplete combustion of air/fuel charge, the result of which is higher fuel consumption for rated output and increase in percentage of carbon and carbon monoxide in exhaust gases. In short it results in reduction in overall combustion efficiency of diesel engines. Special Features: FOA –100 – D, Diesel Additive, which has been developed as a result of extensive research work carried out by us, combats this inefficiency in unique way. FOA-100-D contains ash less Detergents, Stabilizers, Dispersant, and Combustion Catalyst and anti-corrosion additive to maintain engine operate-ability, to decrease noise and vibrations to reduce exhaust emissions and to prevent the formation of Carbon Deposits on Injector Nozzles. It also cleans already formed deposits in operating engines. The principle effect of the detergent and Combustion Catalyst properties of FOA-100-D is to clear off the nozzle deposits (clean - up effect and burn out effect) and to prevent further formation of these carbon deposits (keep clean effect), thus preventing adverse changes in fuel flow to the combustion chamber. Detailed Description: Evaluation of FOA -100-D: It can also be evaluated in one of the most reputed petroleum Institutes in the country and it will be successfully passed through all the ASTM test namely: 1. Oxidation stability. 2. Injector nozzle cleanliness. 3. Corrosion Inhibition. 4. De-emulsification. The advantages and benefit due to regular use of FOA-100-D are listed as follows: - 1. Improvement in combustion efficiency and hence net reduction in Diesel consumption in the range of 2% @ 125 ppm and 4% @ 250 ppm. 2. Reduction in carbon monoxide percentage in exhausts gases as a result of complete combustion of air fuel charge. 3. Satisfactory corrosion inhibition. 4. Cleaner fuel system, more stable storage properties of fuel. Recommended dosage of FOA-100-D: The recommended dosage of FOA-100-D is 250 ml, i.e. 250 ml / KL of Diesel oil. ( Ratio: 1ltr: 4000ltrs).
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