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PP Grades

  [Buy] Polypropylene has made a revolution in house hold consumer goods. Plastic products have replaced Iron, Steel, Aluminium, other metals and wood to a certain extent. Now a day's plastic has made its own market share in the day-to-day consumption of household goods as well as industrial inputs. For example, plastic pipes have more or less taken the place of iron pipes. Today plastic has become an indispensable part of our day-to-day lives just because plastic is comparatively of a low density, lightweight, sophisticated, cheaper and is also more durable. Polypropylene is very resistant to all sorts of stress, and it is the plastic that is most often used for lids and caps. It is the most versatile of all the products. Polypropylene has virtually endless uses, and its development has not slowed since its discovery. In Polypropylene the superior re-processed grade is super Fine and in descending order the grades are: (1) PP Super Fine Colours (2) PP Double Super Colours (3) PP Super Colours (4) PP Blacks-Homo Polymer: (aa) PP Super Fine Black (ab) PP Double Suuper Black (ac) PP Super Black (1) Pp Co-Polymer (aa) PPCP Super Fine Black (ab) PPCP Talc Filled 20% Black (2) PP Raffia Colours (3) PP Raffia White (4) PP Raffia Black (5) PP RP Natural Super Fine (6) PP RP Natural Double Super
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