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  [Sell] Rudraksha Rudrakshas are the beads that grow on Elaeocarpus Ganitrus Roxb trees from select locations of South East Asia (Java, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, China) and South Asia (Northern India and Nepal). Rudraksha is a combination of two words - Rudra-Aksha. It is a gift of Lord Shiva for the benefit of mankind. The tears of Lord Shiva i.e., Rudraksh Beads have been worn by the yogis of India for thousands of years on their path to enlightenment and salvation. Many devotees of truth who lead their lives according to “Eternal Natural Law” i.e. “Sanatana Dharma” knows that Rudraksha Beads are a gift from Lord Shiva and are a natural birthright of the mankind. The holy Rudraksh Beads are based on the absolute field of consciousness. They manifest in the relative field for the good of all concerned to help relieve sins, sufferings and pains worldwide for the mankind. It might be new for some to think that natural beads of vegetable matter from the Rudraksha tree could affect the Human neuro-physiology as described in the ancient Vedic literature, however, recent scientific researches have found Vedic knowledge to be correct. The term Rudraksh (Rudra i.e. Shiva + Aksha i.e. eye) literally stands for the “Eyes of Lord Shiva” or Rudra implying thereby that it has been pleasant to the eyes of Lord Shiva and hence, so named in His honour. This reveals that the merits of Rudraksha beads were realized first by the Lord Shiva himself and he forwarded the same to the benefit of the later generations. Rudraksh Beads are a plant product containing carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen and trace elements in a combined form. C-H-N analyzer and Gas chromatography determined the percentage composition of the gaseous elements in Rudraksh. The result shows that Rudraksha Beads consists of 50.031 % Carbon, 0.95% Nitrogen, 17.897% Hydrogen and 30.53% Oxygen. In the medicine world, Rudraksh is the purest, effective and most popular amongst all. It is a fruit as well as seed. It originated in Malaya, India, Java and Sumatra (Indonesia) Burma and Nepal. Rudraksha is the fruit of a tree. It grows in bunches. They bloom in May/June and ripe in September to November. Its fruit is light green in colour. It is circular like gular (fruit of banyan tree). Its pulp is hard and remains stuck to its seed. It is like blackberry. It is kept in water for number of days. After that, Rudraksh is taken out after peeling off the pulp. The original white colour of Rudraksha is dyed into orange/turmeric colour that is a symbolic of the saints. Orange colour Rudraksh becomes useful to all kinds of people of any age, caste, sect, religion and sex. Types of Rudraksha: Rudraksha beads of different mukhis are combined according to their various properties to yield several powerful combinations that have been tested to be very effective. 1Mukhi, 2Mukhi, 3Mukhi, 4Mukhi, 5Mukhi, 6Mukhi, 7Mukhi, 8Mukhi, 9Mukhi, 10Mukhi, 11Mukhi, 12Mukhi, 13Mukhi, 14Mukhi, Gauri Shankar/Garbh Gauri and Ganesh Rudraksh.
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