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Water Filtration and Separation

  [Sell] We are one of the most respected manufacturers and suppliers of water filtration and separation systems in India. The company has vast experience in manufacturing the following water filtration and separation equipments: KleenSEP - Oil Water Separators: We, at Qmax Greentech offer high performing oil water separators for hassle free separation of oil from water. Our company has introduced this modern oil separator for the first time in India under the brand name of KleenSEP. We manufacture Oil Desorbers for emulsified oily water separation. Some of the salient features of our Oil separation products are:-
  • Desorbs free floating as well as semi-emulsified oil from oily water.
  • A Coalescer tower with a Magnetic filter where even the finest Fe particles are captured and held.
  • Oil particles are coalesced from water and form a pool at the top.
  • The pumping pressure is used to discharge the pool of oil into an oil collection tank.
  • Clean water/coolant leaves out of a separate outlet.
  • Silent, compact with small footprint and simple to use.
  • Residual oil in cleaned water will be less than 20 ppm.
  • KleenSEP Oil Desorbers are available from 100 lph to 4000 lph.
  • Machine coolants
  • Component washing fluids
  • Compressor condensate water
  • Vehicles wash water in automobile service stations
  • Bilge water on ships
KleenCOOL - Coolant Filtration Machines: We manufacture a wide range of coolant filtration systems that can transform the dirty spent coolant to near-fresh condition. Our KleenCOOL is a coolant filter, coolant clarifier, disinfector, refresher- all in one solution. Our engineers have worked hard to design and develop KleenCOOL filtration machine which is considered as industry’s finest Emulsion Coolant Sump Cleaner cum Recycling Machine. This coolant sump cleaner is used to remove tramp oil, solid particles, bacteria, and bad smell from emulsion coolants. Our coolant filtration machines extract the maximum out of your expensive coolants. Some of the features attributed with coolant filtration machine are listed below:
  • A powerful vacuum pump takes out chips and sludge along with coolant from the sump making it totally clean.
  • Oil separation takes place by desorbing it from the top surface of your coolant sump.
  • Clarified coolant is collected in disinfection tank for instant removal of bacteria and bad smell.
  • Oleophilic and Carbon filters filter out any residual oil and solid particles.
  • Clean and refreshed coolant is discharged for reuse from the clarifier.
  • Silent, compact with small footprint and simple to use recyclers
  • Recycles coolants 3 to 4 times. Reduces coolant purchase and disposal costs.
  • Increases tool life. Improves shop air quality and operator’s health. Also, improves machine up keep.
  • Coolant Filtration Systems are available from 100 lph to 2000 lph in mobile and stand-alone configurations.
Extract the maximum out of your expensive coolant…
KleenOZONE - Ozone Water Treatment Plants: We are a leading manufacturer and supplier of for KleenOZONE Water Treatment Plants for water purification systems in Bangalore. These systems use Ozone, the most potent oxidiser for chemical free treatment of water ensuring complete cleanliness of water. Our Ozone Treatment Plants are world class and economical too. They are complemented by oxygen concentrators, ozone mixers, and diffusers that can offer perfect solutions to your water clarification and disinfection problems. Chlorine is currently being used to treat drinking water and waste water but it leaves behind harmful by-products called THMs. The Ozone Water Treatment Plant is 100% safe and hence the most sought after choice over chlorine to treat water. It is a Tri-Oxygen molecule and this third atom of Oxygen makes it highly unstable, which Ozone donates readily to anything in its path and oxidizes it on contact instantly. Various features and applications of this Ozone Water Treatment Plant are given below: Features
  • Ozonation Plants (with Advanced Oxidation Process)
  • For sparkling clear water
  • Removes toxins, bacteria, algae, colour, odour, oil, and hardness
  • Improves taste
  • Drinking Water and Effluent
  • Swimming Pools, Cooling tower and Electro plating
  • Laundry, Textile, and Tannery
  • Food, Grains, Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs, and Meat disinfection
  • Hospital and Surgical Instruments Disinfection
  • Vehicle Wash, Waste Water, Coolant Disinfection
OZONE...the Nature’s Gift!
Colloid-A-Tron - Water Pipe Scale Preventers: Most ground water contains high levels of hardness which in all likelihood will give rise to scaling in valves, pipe works, and the distribution system. Colloid-A-Tron Units are approved for installation in drinking water and other water distribution lines. They use no electricity and have no moving parts. They utilise a catalytic action to neutralise the calcium carbonate in the water and prevent further hard scale build-up thereby reducing the effects of hardness and prolong the life of pumps, valves and pipes, extends the life of R.O. membranes and Softeners consumption. They are totally recyclable and have an expected life of around 20 years. We offer water pipe scale preventers which are in high demand for the below mentioned applications: Applications:
  • Drinking water systems for small homes to big consumption users
  • Hot water heating systems
  • Cooling tower water circulation
  • Humidifiers
  • X-Ray machines and bed pan washers
Eclipse - Magnetic Filters: Qmax Greentech draws great respect among its valued customers for its range of magnetic filters. We offer Eclipse magnetic filters to customers across the India. The MICROMAG and AUTOMAG Magnetic Filters use a unique magnetic technology to capture sub-micron ferrous particles from water based liquids or oils. Our magnetic filters come with below listed special features:
  • Powerful RE Magnets utilize a unique magnetic circuit to capture huge amounts of iron particles and hold them from circulation.
  • Full flow of the liquid even when filter is fully loaded with contamination.
  • No consumables, no dirty cartridges to replace and no maintenance needed, ever!
  • No power is required unlike Drum Magnets.
  • Clear Acrylic housing that lets you see the collection of contaminants.
  • Various models to hold from 900 grams to 3800 grams of contaminants.
  • Supplied with Core Cleaning Post, Cleaning Tool, Spanner, Bracket, and O Ring.<
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