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Wika / Vega

  [Sell] Since 1946, WIKA Instrument Corporation has been advancing the world of pressure and temperature instrumentation. The company’s product line is ideal for a variety of applications within the petrochemical, power generation, process, sanitary, medical, semiconductor, and wastewater industries. Utilizing nothing less than state-of-the-art equipment and manufacturing technology, WIKA products set the standard for precision, dependability and technology. Pyramid control systems, a proud distributor of WIKA products, has readily available stock for immediate delivery (standard products) ; and a sales and technical support staff to help you find the right solution for your application We have with us the complete range of WIKA Pressure and Temp measurement. We look forward to you specific enquiries. Standard Pressure Transmitter – S10 VERY SHORT/EX STOCK DELIVERY

Pressure Ranges

0 - 0.1 upto 0 - 600 bar (-1 – 0 also available)


0.5% of Full Scale


4-20mA (Standard); 0 - 10 V;0 - 5V;1- 5 V available on request

Process Connections

 ½” BSP

Power Supply

14..30 VDC

With Flush Diaphragm – S11
Pressure Ranges 0 - 0.1 upto 0 - 600 bar (Ask for Absolute ranges also)
Accuracy 0.5% of Full Scale
O/P 4-20mA (Standard); 0 - 10 V;0 - 5V;1- 5 V available on request
Process Connections ½” BSP
Power Supply 14..30 VDC
Intrinsically Safe – 1S20/21 Model IS-20-S, standard version Model IS-21-S, flush diaphragm Model IS-20-F, fieldcase Model IS-21-F, fieldcase flush diaphragm
Pressure Ranges 0. - .1 upto 0 - 1000 bar(relative) 0 - 0.25 upto 0 - 25 bar (absolute)
Accuracy 0.5%
O/P 4-20mA; (Ask for other options)
Process Connections ½” BSP
Power Supply 14..30 VDC
Note: Intrinsically safe class I, II and III Division I Temperature Gauges and Transmitters Series 55 This series of thermometers is designed for installation in pipes, tanks, plants and machinery. The stem and the case of the instrument are made from stainless steel. Various insertion lengths and process connections are available to optimally match the requirements of each process. Due to their high ingress protection (IP65) and liquid damping these thermometers can be used in applications with extreme vibrations. Special Features of TTs •Analogue signal processing, ideal for multiplex-systems •Configuration via Windows-PC, simulation of the sensor not necessary •Sensor burnout signalling according to NAMUR NE 43 •Configuration Software WIKA_TT current 6-language version •Compact design Level Insturments RADAR Type - VEGAPULS The measuring instrument sends out short microwave pulses in the direction of the medium and thus measures the distance to the surface. The measurement is not affected by temperature, pressure or product properties. Ultrasonic Type - VEGASON This instrument emits ultrasonic pulses in the direction of the medium, which reflects them. The time required for the signals to get back to the sensor varies depending on the level. This is the ideal solution for simple standard applications. Guided Microwave - VEGAFLEX Microwave pulses are guided along a rod or cable probe and reflected by the product surface. The probe ensures that the signal reaches the medium undisturbed. Capacitance Type - VEGACAL The rod or cable probe and the vessel wall form the two electrodes of a condenser. When the level of the medium changes, the electrical capacitance between the electrodes also changes. All other accessories also available (2 way and 3 way manifolds, Siphons, Snubbers, RTDs, Thermocouples)
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