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Mr. Raviraj U
Designation : Owner/Enterpreneur
Phone : +91 - 80 - 28536260
Mobile : +91 - 09243441462
Fax : +91 - 80 - 28536134
Website : http://www.netrackindia.net/

Address :
# 130, Machohalli Cross, Magadi Main Road,Bangalore,Karnataka(India)


Thermal Management Racks

  [Sell] NETRACK has expertise in manufacturing TM Racks which are specially designed to handle large heat generated by IT equipments and servers, by improving airflow in the racks and also prevent mixing of Cool and Hot Air. The TM Rack ensures that your mission critical equipment runs cool with more reliability with an increased MTBF, reducing both energy and capital cost on the AC plant. These Rack Cooling Systems are used in low temperature area and there can be less chances of moisture presence in Cool Air. NETRACK Domain Experts designed the TM-Rack using Electro Galvanized Steel Sheet (EG Sheet) to rule out smallest possibility of corrosion in damaged/dent area that may happen due to negligence or unsafe rack movement at site/transit which damages surface coating. The Racks can be equipped with climate monitoring modules is used to control the ON/OFF function of Inlet Air Blower & Exhaust Air blower to save power and also to maintain required temperatures inside the cabinet. TM Racks are capable of accommodating and handling heat generated by servers 40 No 1U Servers in single rack and this is the requirement of present datacenters. TM Racks has Two Cooling Options. Option-1- Cool air enters from front side of the Rack- Normal Cooling 2- 4KW Heat Load. Option -2- Cool air enters from bottom side of the Rack- Dynamic Cooling above 4 KW Heat Load. Technical Data :
  • Basic Frame : Composite (Aluminum Section & EG Steel) OR Complete EG Steel
  • Construction : CKD or Welded.
  • Top & Bottom Cover : Bolted to Frame with Cable entry exit cut outs.
  • Front Door : Lockable Toughened Glass Door OR Lockable Perforated steel Door
  • Rear Door : Lockable Steel Door - Perforated.
  • 19” Mounting Angle : Formed Steel
  • Std. Equipment Mounting : DIN Std. 10mm Sq. Slots.
  • Standard Finish : Frame & Front Door: Powder coated Back Door & Panels: Powder coated 19” Verticals: Powder coated with U Marking.
  • Standard Colour : Grey & off white OR Black
  • Standard Mounting : Caster wheels (2 with Brake & 2 without Brake) OR Levelers OR Plinth.
  • Standard : Conforms to DIN 41494.
  • Manufacturing Standard : ISO 9001 - 2000
  • Static Load : 750Kg with casters. 1250 Kg with Levelers /Plinth
Accessories to Customize Configurations:
  • Front Filler Panel
  • Side Filler Panel
  • Door Fan Modules
  • Perforated Door
  • Inlet Blowers Modules 600 CFM
  • Exhaust Blower Modules 400, 600, 1300 CFM
Advantages :
  • More Servers per Rack.
  • Servers & Equipments runs cooler- Increased MTBF.
  • Lower TON AC - Power saving & AC Investment cost saving.
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