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Fruit paper bag

  [Sell] 1) To prevent plant diseases and insect pests: With 30 years experience, JUANG JIA GUOO developed special paper bags made by formula of anti-germ , anti-water. This made our fruits paper bags can prevent plant diseases and insect pests. 2) To prevent environment and insecticides pollution: No matter the pollutions came from raining and spraied insecticides, JJG paper bags supply complete and perfect isolation from these pollutions. This can help cultivate the healthy “Green Fruits”. 3) To prevent the sunshine burning: During the growth period, the direct sunshine and sundden heavy rain came from environments will hurt the weak skin of fruits. To use paper bags is the only way to keep the perfect skins of fruits. 4) To decrease the hurts of animals or fruits flies: In the open spaces of the orchards on the slope in villages, the fruits always have many damages caused by animals or fruits flies. The paper bags of JJG supply excellent protection from these damages. 5) To decrease the damages caused by strong wind and falling of fruits: Even in the 10 degree typhoone, paper bags of JJG still supply amasing protection. In normal situations, JJG’s bags decrease the lost caused by falling fruits and scrapes of leaves. 6) To increase sugar preserved in fruits: The farmers using paper bags of JJG all point out the fact that after using the paper bags of JJG, it did drease the acidity and increase the sugar preserved in fruits dramatically. And it also increase the weight of fruits about 10% ~ 30%. 7) To regulate fruits mature periods: After using the paper bags of JJG, it can form an individual “greenhouise effect” in individual paper bag. These paper bags can storage water and adjust the temperatures of outside environments. This was already approved can regulate fruits mature periods. 8) To improve the colors of fruits: The JJG paper bags are designed different trnsmisssivity. And these paper bags are made from different paper. The sufaces treaments of different papers will improve the surfaces of fruits shining naturally, and make fruits look more beautiful. These fruits become excellent ones for cosumers. 9) To cut down the costs of cultivation and get the fruits without any insecticide: If use JJG paper bags correctly and at right time, it can delete the loss caused by fruits falling. 10) To increase the income of farmers and improve the economic conditions of village: It is out of question that paper bags of JJG can increase the income of farmers and improve the economic conditions of village.
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