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coconut activated carbon

  [Sell] Coconut, Nuthell activated carbon for water purification Iodine Value 600-1200mg/g Apparent density 0.50-0.55g/cm3 Ash 3%-10% Drying Loss 10%--2% Methylene Blue Value 120-240mg/g Abrasion Number 90%--98% The above indicators can be adjusted as per customers' requirements. Application Area 1. Gas phase absorption.Tail liquid recycle and solvent recovery such as the recovery of benzene gas, gas recovery from gasoline, propane and butane, for dealing with Fischer -Tropsch Synthesis of emissions to recover the hydrocarbon. 2. Water further treatment and purification. De-odor and de-color of waters in areas like electric power plant, pharmaceutical industry and other industrial waste waters. 3. Work as catalysis carrier in synthesizing of mercury bichloride and Vinyl Acetate, or used for industrial gas desulphurization and phosgene production of the catalyst. 4. In the gold mining industry, gold recovery,extraction and refining.
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