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Sinter gear for oil pump

  [Sell] Product Name: Powder Metallurgy Drive Gear and Driven Gear (Active Gear and Inactive Gear) Raw Materials: Cu: 2%, C: 0.6% - %, Ni: 1.5-2.5, Mo:0.5. Fe: rest Feature: 1. Density of drive gear: =6.8g/com3 2. Hardness of drive gear: =60 HRB 3. Density of passive gear: =6.6g/cm3 4. Hardness of passive gear: =45 HRB 5. Close dimensional tolerances 6. Improved wear resistance 7. Low noise" Application: Gear pump, Oil pump, Crescent gear pump, Double gear pump, Plunger pump, Multi-way valve Processing: Mixing powder——Forming——Sintering——Sizing——Machining——Oil impregnant——Checking——Packing——Shipping Manufacturability: 1. Auto Press: 50T, 100T, 140T 2. Hydraulic Press: 100T, 315T, 600T, 800T 3. Six sinter furnaces, including one harden Sinter Furnace 4. Heat treatment: Carbonitriding quenching and high frequency quenching in-house 5. Pedrail ultrasonic cleaner line and auto deburring 6. In-house tooling making: EDM, wire cutting machine 7. Strength in machining: Machine center, CNC milling, CNE lathe, Two end lapper etc. " Test Ability: 1. Carbon selfur determinator 2. Metallurgic microscope 3. Hydraulic universal material tester 4. Hardness testers 5. Pneumatic measuring instrument 6. Measuring projector 7. Gear testing instrument 8. Electrical profilometer 9. CMM" QMS: ISO9001:2008 ISO/TS16949:2009" Advantage: 1. Well experienced OEM manufacturer 2. 15 years in the powder metallurgy industry 3. Close cooperate with local university, great strength in D&D"
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