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Mr. Syed Habeeb
Designation : Director
Phone : +91 - 80 - 25471423
Mobile : +91 - 09341223780
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Website : http://www.breakthrough360.com/

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#38, 5th Cross, Munimarappa Garden,Bangalore,Karnataka(India)


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  [Sell] “Breakthrough 360 Trainings Are Specialized“ Breakthrough 360 training modules are based on a platform that combines NLP, Multiple Intelligence, Mind Mapping and Alpha Mind Conditioning - some of the most acclaimed and proven training methods in the area of human behavioral sciences. NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming It's an incredibly powerful discipline that enables people to unblock the structures of human communication and human excellence. By doing so people can think, communicate and manage themselves, and others, more effectively. ________________________________________ MI – Multiple Intelligence It's an educational theory, first that describes an array of different kinds of "intelligence's" exhibited by human beings. Study suggests that each individual manifests varying levels of these different intelligence's, and thus each person is unique. The theory was first laid out by Gardner in 1983 and is been widely used in transforming the teaching and learning process in educational institutions . ________________________________________ Mind Mapping It's an ACCELERATED LEARNING AND THINKING TOOL. It assists or helps us reflect externally what happens internally in our brain and mind. It is like a Swiss knife for our Brains. Application areas are lateral thinking, contemplation, planning, studying, representing, preparing presentations, reading books or huge contents, enhancing creativity. ________________________________________ Mind Conditioning It's one of the dynamic methods of lowering stress by lowering our brain frequencies to alpha brain wave level. This is often associated with being in a 'light trance' or 'meditative state'. It is also known that in alpha, we are able to bridge the gap of our conscious and our subconscious mind. Getting trained into this mode helps our brain to be relaxed, beat stress, access creativity, think laterally, and ideate out of the box resourcefully. ________________________________________ An Experience is worth a million words! Most participants have expressed that the Breakthrough 360 experience is the most Empowering, Learning and Entertaining experience of their life time. We motivate, inspire and coach participants through various already available inner potentials like: • Tapping our instincts • Our nature of curiosity • Our drive to question • Our listening • Our ability to reason • Our capacity to logic • Our capability to imagine & visualize • Our beliefs • Our values • Our emotions • Our creativity • Our inclination to fun learning • Our inner voice • Our energy • Our senses • Our modelling system
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