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Betaine Hydrochloride

  [Sell] Betaine Hydrochloride is widely used as an important nutritional ingredient for additive to reach better performance with lower cost. [Synonyms]:1-Carboxy-N,N,N-trimethylmethanaminium, chloride; Betaine Hydrochloride. [Product Code]: SB01 [CAS NO.]: 590-46-5 [Structure]: [Molecular Formula] : (CH3)3NCH2COO·HCl [Molecular Weight]: 153.62 [Physical Properties]: White or yellowish crystal or crystalline powder [Specifications]: Items USP28 Feed Grade Feed Grade [Efficacy]: 1. Betaine hydrochloride is an efficient methyl group supplier and can be used to partially replace methionine and choline chloride in feed rations to decrease formulation costs. 2. Betaine hydrochloride has been found to increase lean weight gain and improve the meat quality. 3. Betaine hydrochloride has been found to be highly effective in increasing the survival rate of juvenile fish and shrimp. 4. Betaine hydrochloride has been found to improve the digestion system in living bodies, both human and domesticated animals. [Standard]:USP28, Feed Grade [Certification]: ISO, KOSHER , HALAL, FAMI-QS [Supply ability]:30,000t/year [Packaging]:25Kg /drum , 25 Kg/bag [Period of validity]:3 years
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