Inquiry and Inquiry Basket

What is an Inquiry and how to send it?

An Inquiry is a trade lead sent to the buyer by a supplier or the to the supplier by the buyer. You can select Companies, Products and Trade Offers by clicking Inquire Now button and Send Inquiries instantly. Please follow the steps to send an Inquiry.

  • Register or Sign In
  • Select the Company/Product/Trade Offers
  • Click on the Inquire Now Button
  • A window will pop up with the company/product/trade offer and the options to Delete and Send Inquiry
  • Please click on the Send Inquiry button
  • Fill in the form ( if you are not registered or signed on, you get the option here to get yourself registered with Tradege or sign on )
  • After filling the form click on Send Inquiry.

Where do I check my Inquiries?

The Inquiries you receive are delivered to your primary e-mail registered on your account directly i.e. My Trade (Inquires Section). The number of Inquiries marked in status is added when other members click <Send Inquiry> button to contact you

What is "Inquiry Basket"?

Inquiry Basket is a place where you can view the current status of all the inquiries. You can add Companies, Products or Trade Offers to the Inquiry Basket (maximum 30) and continue with searching process. Finally, you can send all the inquiries at the same point of time.

How do I use Inquiry Basket?

  • While you are surfing on Tradeget, you can store all the information like trade leads, catalogs, and other company's information you want to have by clicking 'Add to Inquiry Basket' .
  • You can see your basket in main page and other pages by clicking on Inquiry Basket (0 / 0) on the top of any page.

Sending group inquiry mail, if you click on the target company name and 'Send Inquiry' in your Inquiry basket, you can send mail to over 30 people at once.

How to send multiple Inquiries to Suppliers for Products/Services?

  • Select the check box beside each product or supplier you are interested in. Click button.
  • When you are ready to make your inquiry, Go To located at the top-right corner of each page.
  • Review your selection and click Inquire Now button.
  • Complete the inquiry form and submit.

Your Inquiry Basket works like a shopping cart, thus offering buyers greater convenience. You can add up to 30 items in your Inquiry Basket. The items in your Inquiry Basket will remain active only if you keep at least one Tradeget page open. Please send your inquiries before you exit from the Tradeget website.