Easy Buying

Buying on Tradeget is easy. Follow these steps to begin your buying experience:

  • If you are new to Tradeget, click Join Now to become the member of Tradeget.
  • Search for Suppliers, Products and Trade Offers.
  • There are two options to send the inquiry to the supplier:
    1. Send Inquiry directly to the supplier by clicking on the “Send Inquiry.
    2. Click selected Suppliers, Products and Trade Offers and submit them to the Inquiry Basket by clicking to the “ Add to Inquiry Basket ”.

Contact Suppliers

To send inquiries to sellers you find through browse or search, use these steps:

  • Select the check box beside each Company, Product and Trade Offers you are interested in Click on “Add to Inquiry Basket.
  • Go to the Inquiry Basket and click on “Send Inquiry” button.
  • Fill up the form with relevant Email Address.
  • If you select more than one Supplier, Product or Trade Offer, your inquiries will be sent to these suppliers simultaneously.
  • To check your Inquiries, log in to your Inbox.